What are excavation hazards?

January 25, 20220

Trenching is one of the most dangerous jobsites hazards, causing an average 54 deaths each year.

In order to protect themselves from these risks employers must take steps now so they don’t find themselves in court later on down this road!


The risk of cave-ins is a serious threat to worker safety. OSHA requires that an experienced engineer or qualified professional analyze soil composition, and then design systems for preventing these accidents in order reduce the number who lose their lives each month from 2 up 6 workers depending on what type job they were doing at time!

Falls and falling loads

The hazards of working in an excavation are many. Workers could easily fall down any old openings, and their equipment might also start falling onto you if it’s not secured properly with rope or chains hooked on both ends so that when something does happen there will at least be some resistance against its descent into unknown territory below!

Hazardous atmospheres

Trenched areas sometimes have depleted oxygen levels, which is a safety hazard that must be taken into consideration on excavation sites. The atmosphere in trenched area can also contain toxic gases and chemicals for this reason alone OSHA requires atmospheric testing to occur by qualified professionals who exceed four feet below ground level when performing their duties at these locations

Mobile equipment

Trenching sites are often located in conditions that make it difficult for the mobile equipment operator to see ahead.

The terrain might be hilly or uneven, and there could also exist an obstruction between them and their view of what lies beyond their vehicle’s cab window since these types vehicles have standard-sized cabs which do not extend all the way forward on either side like some more modern designs do today so if you’re working at height with one then ensure your safety by wearing gloves too!

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